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Savor the Spirit of Bengal at Bangalianabhoj

Bangaliana Bhoj was established on March 17, 2019 with a vision to create an authentic Bengali-style restaurant with that incomparable taste of local Bengali food.

Today Bangaliana Bhoj has become famous for Bengali food with different types of bharta, khichuri, cow kalavuna, beef chujhal, chita roti and many other Bengali dishes like prawn malaikari, duck jhal bhuna, various types of fish curries with tender chicken. Over the years, Bangaliana Bhoj has been named the best Bengali food restaurant for serving fresh and delicious authentic Bengali food. Bangaliana Bhoj is a full authentic Bengali cuisine restaurant.

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Corporate Applications

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authentic flavors of Bengal.

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    Afternoon breakfast is served with delicious food

    Delightful afternoon at Bengaliana Bhoj.

    Delightful afternoon at Bengaliana Bhoj restaurant indulging in exquisite Bengali cuisine, surrounded by a warm, inviting ambiance. Every dish was a flavorful masterpiece, making it an unforgettable culinary experience.

    Quiet Environment

    Bengaliana Bhoj Serene ambiance, exquisite Bengali culinary delights.

    Hygienic Food

    Hygienic Food of Bengaliana Bhoj Restaurant Authentic, Fresh, Flavorful, and Delicious.


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    Savor the flavors of Bengal with our diverse menu at Bengaliana Bhoj
    Culinary delights await you!

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    Our Food Gallery

    Step into Bengaliana Bhoj's Food Gallery a feast for the eyes with vibrant colors and
    irresistible aromas Pure delight!

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    Our Testimonial

    Bengaliana Bhoj Exceptional Bengali cuisine, warm service a culinary delight leaving us
    utterly satisfied and impressed.

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    Our latest news at Bengaliana Bhoj Introducing new seasonal dishes, hosting cultural
    events,and expanding delivery services.

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