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About Us

Authentic Bengali Cuisine Bangalianabhoj Restaurant

Established in 2019, Bangaliana Bhoj is a revered Bengali restaurant renowned for its authentic and mouthwatering dishes. From classic bharta and khichuri to specialties like cow kalavuna and prawn malaikari, it offers a tantalizing journey through Bengal's culinary heritage. Renowned for its freshness and flavor, Bangaliana Bhoj is the epitome of traditional Bengali dining.

Best foods in the city

Bangaliana Bhoj offers a culinary journey with the city's finest Bengali cuisine.

Mary Rivera

Chef Leader

Jerzzy Lamot

Chef Leader

John Catty

Chef Leader

Timberr Hatiu

Chef Leader

Johnson Saitan

Chef Leader

Carry Hanton

Chef Leader
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Meet Our

Expert Team

Bangaliana Bhoj's expert team comprises passionate individuals dedicated to delivering an unparalleled dining experience. With their mastery of Bengali cuisine, they ensure each dish is a flavorful journey into Bengal's culinary heritage.

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